Mr. Advice is an open source (and free of charge) alternative to PostSharp (which is still far more advanced, see
It intends to inject aspects at build-time. Advices are written in the form of attributes, and marking methods with them makes the pointcut, resulting in a nice and easy aspect injection.
More information about what is an aspect at Wikipedia.

MrAdvice can weave assemblies for:

How it works

It is available as a NuGet package (


Currently, MrAdvice won't bring you any aspect out-of-the-box. This means you'll have to write your own aspects.
So it brings us to the next chapter, which is...

How to implement your own aspects

In a nutshell

Here is the minimal sample:

public class MyProudAdvice : Attribute, IMethodAdvice
    public void Advise(MethodAdviceContext context)
        // do things you want here
        context.Proceed(); // this calls the original method
        // do other things here

You then just need to mark the method(s) with the attribute and that's it, your aspect is injected!

public void MyProudMethod()

More details

Your aspects can be injected at assembly, type or method level, simply by setting the attribute:

Some disclaimer

(almost hidden at the almost end of this almost interesting readme)

MrAdvice exposes an API (such as IAdvice, IMethodAdvice, etc.), which is subject to change until we reach the version 1.0.
Of course, there shouldn't be any structural change, but methods might be renamed, or parameters changed if we need it to improve the product.

Contact and links

Project owner is picrap, feel free to drop a mail ✉️.
Project company is Arx One, a french company editor of backup software solutions.